key holder job description

key holder job description

key holder job description – Key holder is a worker, generally at a retail setting that takes on additional duties like those held by management. The Key Holder accounts for opening or closing the shop and ensuring that proper shop policies and procedures are followed when shop management isn’t on duty or inaccessible on the ground. Their responsibilities also include handling operational processes, helping cashiers, supplying customer support, supervising cleaning staff, setting alarms, and keeping the entrance area organized and clean

key holder job description

  • Carry keys and alarm codes; open and close store, disarm and arm alarm system
  • Oversee cleaning, maintenance, and deliveries staff outside of regular business hours
  • Perform and Oversee daily procedures
  • Maintain a tidy and organized Entry area
  • Monitor and Help cashiers and other retail staff; assign daily duties
  • Train and support new team members
  • Provide customer-focused Support; welcome customers to the store and assist them with requests
  • Perform product demos and explain product features to Clients
  • Collaborate with store management to arrange marketing and promotional campaigns and to coordinate staff schedules and activities
  • Handle managerial tasks when the general and assistant managers are Inaccessible
  • Manage bank deposits, balance point of sale drawers and safe
  • Check and respond to email and phone messages
  • Manage paperwork and often other office tasks
  • Ensure that all employees adhere to corporate Procedures and safety Criteria

key holder job Requirements and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Three to five years of retail experience
  • Customer- and team-focused attitude
  • friendly and good communication skills
  • Standard computer proficiency
  • Familiarity with point of sale systems
  • Maintain a well-groomed and specialist demeanor
  • Able to stand for extended periods of time and lift objects up to 25 pounds
  • Adaptable; able to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Open accessibility; dependable and punctual attendance

How much should a key holder get paid?

A Keyholder with Mid-career experience including employees with 5 to 10 years of experience Can expect to make an average total compensation of $26,000 a year


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