Resident assistant job description

resident assistant job description

Resident assistant job description – The Resident Assistant are the people who live on the floor with the residents And act as kind of the parent of the floor. RA facilitates the academic, social, and personal adjustment of students to the residence hallway and University.

if you’re looking to save Money on college you may become an RA! You can become an RA if you’re senior, you can’t be Resident Assistant as a freshman student.

Resident assistant job description


  1. Attend and take part in weekly staff meetings
  2. Assist In the supervision of their residence hall, responding to all orders and Emergencies during obligation. Remain on-call for the remainder of the weekend.
  3. Attend and take part in staff training sessions held prior to the beginning of each semester and during the year.
  4. Contact Regarding issues of concern to the residents.
  5. Be Available to residents on a daily basis.
  6. Attend all scheduled in-services offered during non-meeting times.
  7. Attend Scheduled one-on-one meetings with the Hall Director and/or Assistant Hall Director.
  8. Perform other Tasks as needed.

Community and Student Development

  1. Counsel Residents regarding academic and personal concerns.
  2. Design and implement experiences for floor members which enhance the social, Them to the floor building, and college community.
  3. Actively encourage and promote involvement in hall council and Residence Hall Association programs and activities.
  4. Work with the residence hall floor president in the performance of his/her duties.
  5. Design and construct door decorations and residence hall decorations that Coordinate with the general residence hall theme prior to the start of each semester.
  6. Conduct Regular floor meetings for the purpose of planning experiences, disseminating information, and explaining residence hall policies and procedures.
  7. Relate well to individuals of all ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious Individual differences on the ground and in the residence hall.
  8. Conduct Disciplinary conferences at the request of the Hall Director or
  9. Respond To all seen violations of Residence Life and University policies occurring in State residence hall. Prepare and submit the appropriate Report to the Hall Director or Assistant Hall Director within 24 hours.
  10. Attend and Participate in University hearings if necessary.


  1. Actively inform residents of about academic and University information.
  2. Assist in the handling of emergency situations
  3. Assist In the opening and closing of the residence halls, requiring time prior to the beginning of semester courses and time following the completion of these courses.
  4. Receive and promptly process asks for maintenance repairs and custodial needs received from residents.
  5. Assess physical condition of rooms before and after occupancy, preparing and Filing the appropriate form with the immediate supervisor in a timely fashion.
  6. Interpret and disseminate to the residents information/directives from Home Life, Housing and Dining Services.
  7. Assist in special events where Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services plays an important role

Resident assistant job Requirement

  • RA must have and maintain a semester a cumulative 2.75 GPA.
  • Needs to have lived in any university housing for at least one semester.
  • Must have a good knowledge of the University and the residence hall system, of University and Residence Life policies and procedures, as well as the Hall Council and its functions.
  • Needs to have a great communication skills in group and individual situations; to establish rapport with a vast array of individuals; to design and implement experiences to fulfill specific, established goals; and to quickly assess emergency situations and react appropriately.

How much does a resident assistant make an hour?

A Resident Assistant Earns an average wage of $10.00 an hour or a few campus pay RA’s roughly $600 per semester also include free food, free housing, free parking, discounted tuition.


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